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Wyoming United Methodist Church, Dover, DE 19904

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About Us

Are you new to our Church?  We are excited to welcome you! If you have not yet worshipped with us, we invite you to join us in our beautiful sanctuary.  It is our desire that you feel warmly greeted and welcomed as you enter our doors.  We pray that you will be comfortable in our midst, want to worship with us weekly, and get involved in our church activities so we can get to know you.  We hope that will lead you to feel “at home” and eventually desire to join our fellowship.  We look forward to having you with us next Sunday!

Mt. Olive AME Church, Clearwater, FL 33755

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About Us

For over 100 years, Mt. Olive AME Church, Clearwater, has been a physical and spiritual icon to the community. In 1894, Mt. Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church began in a refurbished wooden house near 304 Railroad Avenue (now 600 Jones Street). Known only as the ” A.M.E. Church ,” originally it was recognized as Hope Henry A.M.E. Church and served as one of only two black churches in the city of Clearwater . The wooden house in which the church started was renovated to facilitate the installation of benches to serve as pews. The vacant lot north of the church was occupied by the original church.

Greater Grant Memorial AME Church, Jacksonville, FL 32219

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About Us

Greater Grant Memorial A.M.E Church is a community built on worship and the belief that the word of God is the true center of our church. Located in Jacksonville, we provide a fun, casual worshiping environment that uses inspiring messages from the Bible and translates those messages to real world applications. Our community is a group of people from all walks of life who come together to celebrate the word of Christ, love and treat others with compassion, and serve those in need, all while having fun. If you’re looking for church that truly celebrates God in a fun and comforting atmosphere, Greater Grant Memorial A.M.E Church may very well be the perfect fit. 

Reach, Teach, and Save! A working and loving church for all people; we are servants for the Lord. 

Greater Allen Chapel AME Church, Melbourne, FL 32901

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About Us

According to the 1880 census of Brevard County there were just five Black men who were heads of families. Three of the Black freedmen were Peter Wright, Wright Brothers and Balaam Allen. Captain Peter Wright was the mail carrier while occupations of Balaam Allen and Wright Brothers are unknown. They settled along the north and south banks of the river now known as Crane Creek. Brothers and Allen settled along the south side of the creek now known as Melbourne, Florida.   


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