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Faith In Action: A Best Practices Example of HIV/AIDS ministry

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In the opening sermon of the General Conference, entitled “Back To The Future,” Bishop Theodore Larry Kirkland, Sr. challenged conference attendees to go back to the basics of spirituality. As I reflect on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, I recognize that this sermon title is just as applicable to the Getting To Zero campaign to eradicate HIV and AIDS. In order to normalize the HIV/AIDS discussion we must review the successful strategies that have been used to engage our communities, so as to provide support to infected patients, organize educational programs, and encourage members of every congregation to know their status.

GirlTrek: October PrayerTrek Is Here- Who will win the 2016 trophy?

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You are receiving this special invitation because you previously participated in a GirlTrek National Prayer Trek or currently have an active church team. We also know that you possess RALLYING power and can inspire the women in your congregation to participate in upcoming October prayer trek.   

IHC Articles and Subject Matter Experts Survey

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As we increase in number and visibility, we would like our website and internal resources to reflect such growth. We are thankful that our inward numbers affords us access to an increased number of potential contributors to our Resources and Speakers Bureau. We have accepted the invitation to provide bi-weekly articles for the Christian Recorder. God has blessed to have an abundance of professionals who are trained and qualified to lead, guide and direct us on a wide variety of topics.

Zika and Travel: What Pregnant Women Need to Know in the US

CDC issues new warning for couples planning to have a child

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Recent cases of Zika virus are prompting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to, for the first time, warn people about traveling to an area within the continental United States.

So far, 15 people in Florida were found to have been infected with Zika virus after being bitten by local mosquitoes. Miami health officials believe mosquitoes spread the virus, most likely by biting a person who had returned to the United States with the disease.



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