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Category: Organic Soups - Manufacturer: CHESS-AUGFARMS

Model Number: 5-26401

Organic Corn Chowder Soup Mix

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This is a scrumptious comfort food that offers a creamy, flavorful experience you can typically only get with its made-from-scratch counterpart! Whole corn kernels and red pepper bits combine for a ‘’true food’’ take on a recipe you can feel good about eating. With Augason Farms Organic Corn Chowder, you can enjoy a delicious classic soup in minutes just by adding water! One package includes 4 servings and a total of 480 calories (120 calories per serving).


·       USDA Certified Organic

·       Certified Non-GMO

·       Everyday Meal Solution

·       Just Add Water

Shelf Life:                     18 months  

Total Servings:              4

Calories per Serving:    120

Weight:                          3.55 oz. (100g)





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