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Category: Medical - Manufacturer: Chess-DH

Model Number: 379531051

50 pcs blood glucose test strips + lancets

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Please note that:the test strips is only Suitable for model Sannuo ANZHUN Glucometer.


and not that there is only test strips with needles, the device does not included, please do not misunderstand about that.


The Blood glucose Test strips for use with glucose meter to test glucose in whole blood.


-Principle: Amperometric, Glucose oxidase
-Measure range: 2.2mmol/L-27.8mmol/L

-Measure temperature: 10C to 35C
-Draw blood part: finger tip
-Blood sample load type: syphon type

-Measuring Time: 10seconds

-High accuracy: 10%
-Fast Reading
-Small blood sample: 0.6um

-Guarantee period: 18months

-Chemical Composition
glucose oxidase: 31.4%
Potassium Ferricyanide: 31.0%
Non-reactives 37.6%

Store at temperatures of 65 to 86F(18 to 30C).

Once the test strip is removed from the vial, use immediately, Keep vial tightly capped, and do not reuse the strip.



test strips: 50 pcs

needles: 50 pcs




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