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Category: Renewable Energy - Manufacturer: ChessDH

Model Number: 259002375

Outdoor Camping Backpack Solar Cycling Backpack

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--The Solar Power Bag is a stylish backpack with all of the functionality and looks of a well-equipped backpack with the addition of a solar charging module.

--The Solar camel bag have 1.8 litres water bag inside, you can drink water any time on bike.

--The front flap features a light-weight, flexible, integrated solar charging for ipad tablet or mobile phone, if you don\'t have a power outlet.

--Solar Power Bag is a cool, stylish and durable backpack with a detachable solar panel on it that will charge your devices by the SUN!

--Solar Power Bag has a powerful new technology solar panel that charges a dead cell phone very quickly as well as tablets, and many mobile electronic chargeable devices.

--Solar Power Bag keeps you from being in a situation when you are powerless.

--Lightweight removable panel designed with cutting edge solar panel technology.

--Great for kids at school, music festivals, camping, hiking, biking, all kinds of travel as well as many other lifestyle activities.


solar camel bag

1.with 1.8L water bag

2.6.5W sunpower solar cell

3.5V USB voltage regulate

4.for bicycle sports






Solar camel bag

Bladder capacity : 1.8L

Solar panel : 6.5W, 6V sunpower solar panel

solar panel effiency : 22%


Material: Nylon

Color: Red, Blue



Package Included:


1pcs x  backpack bag

1pcs x  6.5w Solar Panel

1pcs x  Charging cable