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Category: Renewable Energy - Manufacturer: ChessDH

Model Number: 258686911

Cycling Solar Backpack

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1. Soft and portable design
2. high capacity, suitable for traveller and camping
3. size: 54*36*22cm
4. solar panel: 6.5watts high efficiency SUNPOWER solar cell(more 21%) and light weight panel
5. it can removable and used it charge phone directly, and withvoltage regulate
6. with 2000mah waterproof power battery
7. color: Red, Green




Product name : solar bag for mobile
Model Number : LH_612
Usage: Camping & Hiking & Cycling & Hunting
Bag material: Polyester
Bag size: 52cm*35cm*22cm
Bag capacity : 30-40L
Available bag color: Green , Red
Solar panel brand : Mono-crystalline sunpower solar cell  
Solar panel powe: 6.5W,6V
Solar panel efficiency : 22%
Solar output : 5V,1.3A

Battery: With 2000mah Power bank

Package Included:


1pcs x  Backpack bag

1pcs x 6.5W solar panel

1pcs x USB Cable




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