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Category: Renewable Energy - Manufacturer:

Model Number: 372548959

Solar Backpack Solar Charger Back Pack Bag

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Condition: Brand new and high quality

Color: Green

Bag material: Polyester

Bag Size : Appxo. 52cm X 35cm X 22cm

Solar panel: Sunpower brand cell, High efficiencty ,

Transfer rate : 22%

Power : 6.5W ,6V

USB Output: 6V 1200mA


1. Multifunctional solar charger, it can charge android phones, MP3 MP4,Bluetooth,headset and other digital products.

2. Solar panel is removable when you dont need it any more.

3. Long lifespan, Green power.

4. Perfect for traveling, fishing, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.


Package included:

1 pcs solar bag

1 pcs 6.5W solar panel

1 pcs USB charging cable




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