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Category: Renewable Energy - Manufacturer: ChessDH

Model Number: 251600975

Tree Solar Charger

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2.4W 6V Solar Charger Outdoor Camping Travel Mobile Phone Solar Panel

Power Battery Solar Powered Backpack Charger Free Shipping


2.4W Cellphone Solar Charger bag

Easy to carry

Solar Panel: 2.4W

Can be sucked into car and tied to backpack

Waterproof fabric


2.4W Cellphone Solar Charger Bag
1) Using high efficiency mono crystalline solar panel, conversion efficiency is 17%
2) Solar Panel:2.4W 6V 400mAh; Size:18x14cm Weight:153g
3) Bag: Size:22x17x5cm Weight: 102g
4) Material: Solar panel: PET laminated Bag: Waterproof fabric;
5) It can be sucked onto the window of the car or be tied to the backpack;
6) It usually works well with portable power pack

The unit is qualified for recharging cell phone, digital camera, portable multimedia player, GPS, and

other digital devices. And the practical design allows for multiple placement options. It can be

clipped on the bag, attached on the vehicle window glass, or put on the ground with bracket.

This charger can be hung on any kinds of bags charging for headlamps, flashlights, lanterns, mobile

phone, intercoms, GPS, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, etc. It can charge for the devices directly or

store the power in the Lithium Polymer Battery.If you are a frequent traveler, we highly recommend

this powerful solar charger.

1. Change sunlight into electricity power, can be sucked on the car glasses, hung on any kinds of

bags and set up on the floor charging for mobile phone, MP3, digital camera, video camera, GPS,

2. Widely applied for outdoor hiking, riding, driving traveling, etc.
3. Green & Black color for selection
4. Clips on to backpack and stand-alone charging

Packing contents:
1*Solar Panel
1*USB charging cable
4*Charging connector tips (micro, mini, iPhone, dc3.5)






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