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AME International Health Commission Partner With ALZ

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The Association and the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) are working together on a nationwide effort to better reach African Americans and provide the community with important information regarding Alzheimer’s detection, diagnosis, care, treatment, research, and advocacy.

Studies indicate that, while Whites make up the majority of the more than 5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease, African Americans are about twice as likely as older Whites to have Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Recognizing this increased risk, the Association and AME are aiming to engage the church’s massive network of 2.5 million members. AME is one of the largest Methodist denominations in the world and has persistently advocated for the civil and human rights of African Americans through social improvement, religious autonomy, and political engagement since its founding in 1816.

The Alzheimer’s Association and AME partnership will focus on:

  • Increasing concern and awareness of Alzheimer’s within AME’s community.
  • Providing care and support programming, volunteer engagement, and training to AME members.
  • Expanding research and scientific support opportunities for AME’s leadership and congregants.
  • Taking advocacy actions on state and federal issues that affect AME members.
  • Encouraging participation in community engagement efforts through Walk to End Alzheimer’s and The Longest Day.

Resources for Those Facing Alzheimer’s


The Alzheimer’s Association offers education and support for individuals living with the disease and caregivers, including what you need to know about COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Caregiving

●       Coronavirus (COVID-19): Tips for Dementia Caregivers

●       Caregiving Resources

●       Alzheimer’s Association Online Tools

●       Caregiver Stress brochure (download)

●       Helpline Info Card (download)

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

●       What is Alzheimer’s?

●       Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia card (download)

10 Warning Signs

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s (ALZ Page)

●       10 Warning Signs Worksheet

●       10 Steps to Approach Memory Concerns

●       10 Warning Signs brochure (download)

Additional Resources for AME


Help and support are available



If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, you are not alone. The Alzheimer’s Association is the trusted resource for reliable information, education, referral, and support to the millions of people living with these diseases.


To get help and support: 

    • Call the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900.
• Find your local chapter.
• Explore online caregiver information.
• Create an action plan using the Alzheimer’s Navigator tool.