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11 Pcs Resistance Bands Set Tube Gym Exercise Set


11 Pcs Resistance Bands Set Tube Gym Exercise Set Yoga Fitness

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How the resistance bands work:

In order for a muscle to grow, its tissue must be broken down through some form of resistance .By constantly breaking down muscle tissue, then allowing it to regenerate, it will begin to grow in size and definition.  The whole concept of the resistance band is performing exercises that use its elastic nature to work specific parts of the body.

Traditional weights only provide a steady stream of tension throughout the entire movement.  This is sometimes referred to as negative resistance. The biggest benefit of a resistance band is this ability to work more than one muscle at a time creating an efficient, streamlined workout.

Metal D-ring (not the cheap plastic D-ring) new revolution for body weight training

Bands ( resistance tubes ) are made of professional quality natural rubber latex:

Yellow 5x 8 x1200mm -10lbs
Green 4x 8 x1200mm -15lbs
Red 5x 9 x1200mm -20lbs
Blue 5x 10 x1200mm -25lbs
Black 5x 11 x1200mm 30lbs

Material of handles :Strong cushioned foam
Suit for Yoga, and other training programs

Package Included:

5x Resistance Band
2x detachable foam handles
2x ankle cuff straps
1x door jam anchor
1x bag

Weight 2 kg