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1231Wh Portable Solar Power Generator by Enerplex


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  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 11.5 in (41.0 x 30.4 x 29.0 cm)
  • Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
  • Power: Input
    • (4) Solar Panel DC Jack 16-34V 120W max
    • (1) Wall charger DC Jack 19V 120W max
    • (2) Anderson Jacks 12V 120W max
    • 135W overall maximum input
  • Power: Output
    • (3) AC 110V, 60Hz pure-sine wave, 1000W max total cont., 1100W max over loading
    • (1) 19V 6.3A, 120W max
    • (1) 12V Anderson, 10A (120W max total)
    • (1) 12V Car charger outlet, 10A (120W max total)
    • (1) 12V DC Jack, 10A 6.5 x 3.0mm (120W max total)
    • (3) USB – 5V max 2.4A each
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 1231 Whrs (14.8V/83.2 Ah)


Product Details


This 1231 watt-hour battery is designed to power and charge large scale electronics, from smartphones and tablets to refrigerators and televisions.

This generator is 60% lighter than comparable portable generators, designed to be easy to carry at only 42 lbs.

This generator comes with one 12V output, one 19V DC output, two 5V USB ports and an integrated 110V A/C standard outlet to charge a variety of devices.

Dual Charging
Multiple outputs can be used at the same time to charge numerous devices simultaneously.

Minimal Noise
Compared to gas generators, this generator makes minimal noise during operation, making it ideal for indoor use, camping, hunting, boating and more.

Zero Fumes
Emits zero fumes or noxious gasses allowing it to be used indoors or in confined areas

Collect It & Store It
Rechargeable via a standard wall outlet or pair it with the 45W Portable Solar Panel Charger to build a completely self-contained solar powered generator and power storage system.




Q.How long will it keep a fridge/freezer running on full charge?

A. Conservatively we would estimate a solid 8-10 hours.

Q. How long does it take to recharge?

A. You will be able to fully charge this generator via a standard wall outlet in 10-12 hours.

Q. How many panels can be used at once to charge the generator?

A. This generator has 4 input ports for solar, and up to 4 panels can be plugged in at one time.

Q. Do I have to flip a switch to use the outlets on the generator or just plug the item in?

A. This generator needs to be turned on and the AC switched on before power will be sent to the outlets. A wall adapter is included with this unit.

Q. Can I connect a 100 watt solar panel to this battery?

A. This generator can accept up to 120W maximum input via either its 16-34V solar/AC inputs or via the 12V Anderson inputs.

Q. Is this generator completely silent?

A. This generator is considerably quieter than other generators on the market, however, it is not completely silent. In order to keep the unit cool, there are small fans inside which turn on depending on temperature.

Q. What is the life cycle on the battery?

A. The life span on the internal battery is 300+ charge cycles

Q. Can the generator be used while it is being charged?

A. Yes this generator can be used while it is being charged.

Q. Can you bring this generator on an airplane?

A. Due to the incredible size of this generator it cannot be transported via airplane.

Q. What is the difference between this generator and the Humless generator?

A. This Enerplex generator uses a Lithium polymer battery whereas the Humless uses a Lithium ferrous phosphate battery in their generator. The battery in the Enerplex generator will provide 300-500 charge cycles whereas the Humless generator will provide 2,500+ charge cycles. This Enerplex generator has an output of 1,000 Watts constant/1,100 Surge and a power input of 120 Watts max. The Humless generator has an output of 1,500 Watts constant/2,000 Surge and a power input of 580 Watts max (the increase in power input of the Humless generator means it will charge about 5x faster).

Q. Will the Enerplex panels work with the Humless generators and vice versa?

A. Yes